Natural Anxiety Remedies

Dealing with anxiety remedies: Anxiety is something that most people experience at one time or another. It usually results from anticipating and worrying about an upcoming event, such as job interview, exams, meeting deadlines, family problems, etc. Lifestyle, stress, and medication can also lead to anxiety.

Fear quickens our process of metabolism and tightens the muscles, and encourage more adrenaline production that causes a faster heartbeat. This leads to anxiety. An excessive amount of worry which lasts longer than six months can also lead to anxiety disorder.

Some people feel the symptoms of anxiety even when they are not facing any serious challenges or danger.

Dependence on tranquilizers for anxiety and their withdrawal effects can produce more anxiety. The best cures are natural anxiety remedies.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety symptoms may include dizziness, high blood pressure, fatigue, headaches, backaches, sleep disturbance, mood swing, and panic attacks.

Other symptoms are impotence, pounding heart, butterflies in your stomach, dry mouth, restlessness, appetite disorders, muscle tensions and spasm.

Causes of anxiety

Some of the main causes of anxiety are stress, disturbed sleep, depression, poor nutrition, caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol and street drugs, medications, food allergies, adrenal disorders, and thyroid problems.


Anxiety remedies and natural treatment

Plant essential oils as natural anxiety remedy

Essential oils can help you relax. The most preferred essential oils that are used for anxiety and nervous tensions are lavender, ylang-ylang, melissa, and jasmine.

The others are bergamot, cypress, geranium, neroli, sandalwood, and rose oil.

A few drops of essential oils in a base oil can be massaged into the scalp and temple before bed.

You may can also add some to a bath water. Essential oil also helps diarrhea patients. Massage a little bit of peppermint to the abdominal part of the stomach to relieve cramping effects.

Foot bath

If you have problem with insomnia, it is important to take a ten minute hot foot bath before bed time.

Hot foot bath draws blood away from your head to your limbs. This will help you to have a good sleep.

Full body massage as natural anxiety relief

Body massage is a great way to relieve tension. If time or money is not available for professional treatment, get a massage help from a loved one.

A neck, a shoulder, or a foot rub can help you unwind. Use any of the essential oils discussed above, such as lavender, and jasmine, for massaging.

Onion is one of the best anxiety remedies

The ancient Egyptians used onion to induce relaxation and sleep. Yellow and red onions are the richest source of compound, quercetin.

It is an anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory agent, and also a mild sedative. Eat a lot of onion.

Vitamins play a major part in controlling anxiety.

See what vitamins for anxiety can do for you here.


General remedies


Exercise is probably the safest and most effective method of managing anxiety.

Cardiovascular exercise combined with calming exercise, such as walking several times a week can be very beneficial.


Use prayer to alleviate and prevent anxiety. I do not know of other books, but the Bible contains many scriptures that address anxiety.

  • Make contact with people. Do not stay isolated. Call friends and talk.

  • Take one day at a time. Think of today, and not the past or future.

  • Make efforts to help solve the cause of anxiety, if it is financial issue, begin to find out legal means to generate wealth from the scratch.

  • Take a break from all the bad news and music on television, and radios.

  • Tell yourself you can come out through this and be a success. You are what you say.


    Diet anxiety remedies

    It is best to eat foods that are calming and nourishing. Eat smaller meals through out the day to stabilize your blood-sugar levels.

    These foods are good to eat regularly: brown rice, porridge, Chinese jujube, peppermint, chamomile, and chicken soup. Other anti-anxiety foods include brewer’s yeast, leafy green vegetables (but avoid spinach).

    Foods to stay away from

    Avoid caffeine, alcohol, black tea and coffee, but you can eat foods that have natural sweetness but just in little quantities. Restrict cake, candy, cookies, foods from processed flour and soda drinks.


    Juicing for natural anxiety relief

    One of the best juices for anxiety is fennel juice. The smell of fennel juice is also helpful for anxiety.

    Fennel juice should be held just under the nostrils and gently sniffed for a few minutes in between short sips.

    Juicing method

    Pick six fennel stems, leaves, and flowers. Separate leaves and flowers from stems and discard the latter.

    Wash leaves and flowers before juicing with a juicer. Add celery or carrot juice for better taste.


    Fasting as natural anxiety remedy

    It is also helpful if you fast with juice only for three days. Fasting as a whole helps in reducing many ailments.

    It is advisable to consult with your doctor before using natural anxiety remedies, especially if you are on any medication plan.

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