Constipation Home Remedy For You


Constipation home remedy for bowel movement

Most of these natural home remedies for constipation have been tried by many people, and they have found them very rewarding.

However, there are some other remedies listed on this page that may require experimentation, so use your discretion to deal with them.

Approved natural cures for constipation

Cascara Sagrada-the constipation home remedy

Cascara sagrada is one of the few laxative herbs that improves the tone of the bowel, making it work better.

It does not irritate the bowel like other laxative herbs such as sena, which can cause cramping.

For maximum effectiveness, take cascara at night, after your evening meal or before bedtime.

The recommended dosage is 250 grams or 2.5 ml of tincture 2-3 times daily for 3-4 weeks.

Do not use it for more than 14 days without medical supervision. Do not use it if you have any inflammatory condition of the intestines, intestinal obstruction, or abdominal pain. This herb can cause laxative dependency and diarrhea.

Bowel habit

Do not ignore the edge to defecate when nature calls. This can lead to constipation.

Take time to relax

When you are worried, frightened, tense and angry, your bowel system stops, your mouth dries up, and your heart beats faster, so take time to relax.

Apply this constipation home remedy and get some good results including health.

Dandelion root home remedy for constipation

Dandelion root stimulates bile flow and improves constipation. Take 250-500 mg or 2 ml with each meal.

Quaker oats home remedy for constipation

If you eat one cup of quaker oats, it will add about 8 grams of fiber to your diet.

30 grams of fiber daily puts an end to constipation and keeps bowel movement regular. If you can eat 4 cups of quaker oats a day, you will have free bowel movement.

Raisin bran diet for constipation

Eating one cup of raisin bran in the morning adds about 7 grams of fiber to your diet. You need 30 grams of fiber to have good bowel movements.

Here is the challenge, if you can eat 4 cups of raisin bran a day, you will be alright.

Milk thistle as a constipation home remedy

Milk thistle improves liver function and symptoms for indigestion. The recommended dosage is 200-250 mg of a product standardized to 80 percent silymarin with each meal.

Gential root as one of the natural remedies for constipation

Gentian root is one of the strongest bitters known. Gentian has been known to treat several forms of digestive disease, loss of appetite, and other ailments.

The suggested dosage is 300 mg or 10 to 20 drops five to fifteen minutes before meals.

Bryonia for relieving constipation

Bryonia is very helpful when you do not have the desire to pass stool.

It is good for people who are irritable, who have headache or great thirst or dry and hard stool.

Take as recommended on container. You can get it at health food stores, vitamin shops, and online.

Digestive enzyme - a natural constipation remedy

Taking digestive enzyme supplements during a bout of constipation will ensure that all the good nutrients from your food are absorbed into your system, while the toxins stay out. Take 1 to 2 capsules with each meal.


Experimental home remedies for constipation

Massage as a constipation home remedy

Try a self-massage of the abdomen if you are constipated. It is believed to induce intestinal contractions.

Lie down with your knees bent, and massage your abdomen with the flat of your hand. Use gentle and firm pressure.

For more potent effect, add some stimulating oils such as black pepper or marjoram oil which stimulates and warms the digestive system.

Add any of these to a carrier oil and use it in an abdominal massage.

prune juice for constipation remedy

Pour boiling water over several prunes and allow to soak overnight. You may add some honey to sweeten it. Eat the prunes and drink the liquid.

Another remedy is drinking two to three 8 ounce glasses of prune juice mixed half and half with water once a day.

Popcorn treatment for constipation

It is believed that eating 30 grams of fiber such as popcorn,- daily can put an end to constipation and keep bowl movement regular.

Cloves home remedy for constipation

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over one teaspoon full of cloves. Cover and strain overnight. Strain the next morning and drink it while it is cool.

Corn meal diet for constipation

Mix 2 teaspoons of corn meal with cold water every morning and drink it daily to regulate bowels.

Apple juice-olive oil constipation diet

Mix together ½ cup of apple juice and ½ cup of olive oil. Drink before going to bed.


  • Add ¼ teaspoon of Epsom salt to half glass of water and drink. This is believed to work good as a constipation home remedy.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses in ½ cup of warm water and drink an hour before lunch.

  • Mix 1/2 cup olive oil with 1/2 cup orange juice and drink for the digestive system to function properly.

  • Take ½ teaspoon of almond oil with milk at night for 3 days. It is supposed to relieve constipation.

  • Boil about 12 grapes without seed in milk. Drink the milk first, and chew the grapes second, at night.

  • Eating guava on empty stomach in the morning is believed to aid bowel movement.

  • Mix ¼ cup of carrot juice with ½ cup of sauerkraut juice and 1 cup of tomato juice, and drink it to relieve constipation.

  • Drink water kept overnight in copper vessel in the morning on empty stomach. This is believed to give some relief.

  • Do not mix too many kinds of foods in one meal. This could be a constipation home remedy for your ailment.
  • We do not encourage people to disregard their normal medication. We only make people aware that some natural home remedies can be of help to constipation problems.

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