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Natural remedies for blackheads

What are acne blackheads?

What real home natural home remedies for blackheads would you need?

Acne is so common a skin disease that affects over 80 percent of mostly teenagers. Most doctors are very familiar with this chronic skin disease.

Acne can be divided into blackheads/whiteheads and red bumps.

The face and shoulders usually experience whiteheads and blackheads more than pus-filled red bumps.

Blackheads are small usually blackish or yellowish bumps buried into the pores of our skin. Blackheads are also referred to as open comedones. Blackheads are the initial stages of acne.

They precede the invasion of the pores of the skin by bacteria that lead to infections, swelling, redness, and irritation (pimples).

Numerous home remedies for blackheads can be able to take care of this.


Cause of blackheads

Blackheads normally begin when the skin makes too much oil. One of the major factors that contribute to excess oil production is the beginning of puberty era.

At the time of puberty, a by-product called dihydrotestosterone or DHT cause hormones to become uncontrolled. This leads to blackheads.

Improper cleaning of the skin is another major cause for the blackheads to occur.

An improperly kept skin attracts the gathering of dead skin cells inside the pores, clogging the pore opening and triggering oil build-up (blackheads).

There are many other causes that include excess makeup, sunscreen and especially nutrition.

Acne home remedies for blackheads

Hepar sulph - acne medicine

Hepar sulf is a homeopathic treatment that is useful for slow-healing blackheads on the skin.

This remedy for acne can also encourage “blind” spots to come to a head and resolve themselves. Use as directed on label.

Pulsatilla for blackheads removal

Pulsatilla is ideal for blackhead spots that have emerged because of a rich and fatty diet, puberty, pregnancy, and approaching menopause.

Pulsatilla is very effective in treating these dark spots. Take as recommended on label. These can be found in natural health stores.

Corn flour home remedies for blackheads

This remedy worked for some people. Before going to bed, mix corn flour with an egg and apply to blackhead spots on your body.

Let it sit for about 10 minutes and wash with warm water. Repeat this remedy for 3-4 days for a remarkable improvement.

Papaya juice for blackheads treatment

Use the whitish juice of the skin of unripe papaya on the blackheads of your skin. It is believed to heal blackheads and acne pimples.

Horseradish treatment for blackheads

Some people have received tremendous results from using the Beaver brand of horseradish on blackheads.

This brand of horseradish contains many natural ingredients such as citric acid, eggs, vinegar, soybean, lemon extract.

Put some of the horseradish on the acne spots for about 10 minutes and wash away.

You may repeat this procedure a few more times to get good results.

Fumitory for treating blackheads

Take 30 drops of a tincture of this plant, available at natural health food stores, 3 times daily.

It contains anti-inflammatory compounds such as quercetin and rutin, and compounds that may act as an antiviral or immunity stimulant.

This is one of the effective home remedies for blackheads.

Manuka Oil for blackhead removal

Manuka is the native tea tree of New Zealand and is highly valued for its use in skin care.

Wash your body with manuka soap before you go to bed, and apply manuka oil to the blackheads, and let it sit overnight.

Others have used manuka honey on acne blackheads for similar results. Manuka oil and manuka honey can be purchased online, and some nutrition shops.

Manuka honey is made by bees collecting nectar from the Manuka Bush or Tea Tree which is native to New Zealand.

Many have seen remarkable improvements with this home remedy for blackhead.

Cream of Tarter for blackheads

This blackhead home remedy has been helpful to some people. You may try it.

Mix a teaspoon of cream of tarter with one cup of juice and drink it daily for a week.

The ingredients in cream of tarter help to clear acne pimples.

Liniment salve to get rid of blackheads

Liniment Salve is a soothing first aid salve known for its healing powers.

Perhaps you remember Liniment Salve from your parents' or grandparents' medicine cabinet. This can be very helpful to your acne blackhead problem.

Apply the liniment salve to the acne spots before you go to bed, and repeat this home remedy for pimples and blackheads, a few more times for results.

Balladonna home remedies for blackheads

Balladonna is a homeopathic remedy that can stop large acne spots from occurring or bring to a head and heal them. Take it at first sign of inflammation. Use as recommended on label.

Nutmeg powder for blackheads

Mix a teaspoon of nutmeg with a teaspoon of milk to form a paste. Use cotton ball or a similar material to apply it lightly to the blackheads.

Let it dry up and go to bed with it, and wash it off in the morning. Do this for a week.

This is one of the blackhead home remedies tried with positive results.

Octagon lye soap for deep blackheads

Octagon lye is a soap for multi-purpose reasons. It is used for poison ivy treatment, household cleaning and other things.

It is not one of the natural blackheads home remedies, but it works well on blackhead for some people. Wash your acne spots with it for about a month and expect to see results.

Neosporin the blackhead eraser

Dab a little Neosporin antibiotic on blackheads and pimples to clear up the acne spots.

These home remedies for blackheads are not to replace doctor’s prescriptions. Do seek your physician’s recommendation before using some of them.

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