Home Remedies For Fleas And Pests


These home remedies for fleas and and other pests have worked for many people.

Find out how they can help you to get rid of fleas from your home and pets.

What are fleas?

Fleas are very tiny creatures. The common flea measures one-eighth inch in length and can jump up to thirteen inches.

Fleas live on pets, mammals, in sofas, in carpets as well as other household and farm goods.

Fleas feed on blood. They can live without a blood meal for three months. A female has to have a blood meal to lay eggs.

An adult female flea can lay one egg every hour during its three month life span. They can survive the most frigid winters.

Home remedies for fleas and pests in your house

Morton salt for fleas

Sprinkle morton salt on carpets, let the salt seat for about three hours and vacuum thoroughly.

Borax home remedy for fleas

Sprinkle a light coating of borax on the floors and carpets, and let it sit for 24 hours, and then vacuum. Borax is believed to kill fleas.

Lysol as one of the home remedies for fleas

Spray the carpet and upholstery with Lysol disinfectant spay. The antiseptic is believed to kill fleas.

Repeat the process the next day to kill any newly hatched fleas.

Natural home remedies for other household pests

Borax and flour for cockroaches

Mix ½ cup of borax with ¼ cup of flour and spread around edges of your kitchen. This will cause cockroaches to stay away from your kitchen.


Yeast and molasses for pest control

Get rid of ants with a mixture yeast, molasses, and sugar. Mix 1 cup of molasses with ½ cup of yeast, and ½ cup sugar and put dabs of this wherever ants are seen in your home.

Catnip pest trap

Put torn-up catnip leaves in all the corners of your kitchen to drive away ants.

Kerosene as a pesticide

Use kerosene to ward off little red ants. You may also use cayenne pepper to ward off the big ones.

Clover blossoms and bay leaves for house pests

There is a way to keep flies off your porch. Spread a handful of cover blossoms and bay leaves around your porch everyday. Cloves will also deter insects.

Bay leaves and cayenne pepper for bug

Add some bay leaves to a mall bag of cayenne pepper and tie it tight in a small bag. Add it to flour bin and rice bags to keep away weevils.

Pennyroyal to get rid of mosquitoes

Place some mashed pennyroyal in cloth bags, and hang them along the outside of the porch. You will never be troubled by mosquitoes.

Alum pest remedy for bed bugs

Sprinkle some alum around your bed and the bed bugs will leave.

If bugs are real bad, dissolve 1 pound alum in 2 quarts of boiling water and paint the bedstead.

Costmary prigs (Bible leaf) for silver fish

The best way to get rid of silver fish is to place some costmary prigs around the house and the silver fish will stay away.

Tomato leaves to expel insects

Put some dried bunches of tomato leaves in your rooms to drive away insects.

Ant repellent

Just place some goldenseal teabags around all the areas affected by ants, and they will soon leave.

Outdoor fly repellent

Place some fresh basil on tables outdoors, and flies won’t bother you.

You may also spray your room with basil spray to keep flies away.

Sage to repel moth

Bunches of sage placed in your closet will keep moth away.

Home remedies for fleas on dogs and other pets

Powder home remedies for fleas

Mix together, and grind 1 cup each of peppermint, rosemary, fennel, rue, and wormwood.

Rub your pet with the powdered mixture, and work it into the fur. This herbal mixture kills the fleas.

Pet bed treatment for fleas

Sprinkle some lavender oil on the dog’s bed and place some fresh fennel under the bedding. Bugs don’t like the smell of fennel.

Flea repellent for cats

Mix two parts of pennyroyal with 1 part of chamomile and 1 part of catnip, and stuff your cat’s pillow with it. This will repel the fleas.

Shampoo home remedies for fleas

Bathe your dog with shampoo containing d-limonene, at the first sign of fleas.

This chemical is made from peels of citrus fruits and ripe oranges. A shampoo containing this chemical is sold under the name “Pet stop”.

You may also bathe your dog with natural pet shampoos containing flea repellent herbs such as, pennyroyal, and eucalyptus.

After bathing your dog, use a special flea combs to remove fleas.

Corn oil for pests

The easiest way to eliminate ear mites in cat, is to put some drops of corn oil into your cat’s ears, and massage it.

Then clean it with cotton ball. Do repeat this for three days and the mites will be killed.

Garlic Powder

Sprinkle your dog’s food with garlic powder every day.

Pet owners claim that the resulting scent released from the dog’s skin repels fleas. Home remedies with garlic, is easy to practice.

Dawn dish washing soap as a flea medication

Dawn dish washing liquid soap is believed to kill fleas. Use this soap to bathe your dog thoroughly, and rinse well to avoid irritating the dog’s skin.


Bathe your dog and rinse it with 2 ounces of Skin-So-Soft added to 1 gallon of water.

Skin-So-Soft repels fleas and ticks. It also gives the dog a shiny coat.

Exactly why the products work isn't known, but it works.

Experiment with these home remedies for fleas and other pests, and find out which one works for you best.

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