Juicing For Health

The Home Remedy For Your Ailments


Juicing for health is no doubt one of the amazing natural remedies for sicknesses. Many diseases can be cured with fruit and vegetable juice.

Juices are really good for health especially if you eat well and do exercises.

Home-made juices are recommended. Bottled and canned juices will not help your health conditions that much.


What is the difference between processed juice and juicing for health?

Bottled juices are pasteurized and the nutrients are depleted. That means the juice has been boiled to preserve it longer.


Bottled juices may also come from fruit concentrates which contain too much sugar and water.

Millions of bottles of flavored sugar water are labeled and sold as 100 percent juice. Could you imagine the harm this is doing to your health?

For the sake of cutting down cost, many manufactures import fruits for juices, which may be infected with banned pesticides. These substances attack our immune system.

What are the benefits of Natural Juices for health?

The benefits of juicing outweigh those of the processed juice. Let’s take a look at some fresh vegetable juice and fruit juice natural remedies for good health.

Let me remind you first that, nutrient from fresh juice is quicker to be absorbed by your body than eating fruits and vegetables.

Fresh juice contains an abundance of nutrients that will help you fight disease, build your health and energize your body.

Apart from vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber and carbohydrates, juice also provides the following which are very necessary for our health.


  • Water - Water is vital for the body to sustain good health.

  • Amino Acids - Amino acids are chemicals involved in making proteins for the body.

    There are eight major amino acids called essential amino acids which we can only get from foods we eat.

    The protein elements encourage the development organs, muscles, nails, and many more things of the body. Blood cells are also restored by proteins.

    One distinct amino acid called lysine, is believed to be a strong anti aging protein.

  • Chlorophyll - Chlorophyll is the green pigment which is responsible for the green color in most plants.

    Chlorophyll has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and wound-healing properties.

  • Antioxidants - Antioxidants are substances that protect our cells against the effects of free radicals.

    Free radicals are molecules produced when the body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures like tobacco smoke and radiation.

  • Enzyme - Enzymes are known as the “work force” of the body.

    They take care of digestion of food and some other functions like metabolism, energy production and the building and repairing of cells.

    Enzymes are also produced by the body to perform similar duties, but we get more from fresh juice. The enzymes do not take long to start working after drinking juice.

    This also spares the body’s enzymes to be redirected toward other functions like building cells and detoxification.

    Enzymes are heat sensitive. When food is heated up, it destroys the enzyme.

    Many problems such as improper bowel movement, and stomach cramps can develop due to deprivation of enzymes from vegetables and fruits.

  • Phytochemicals - Phytochemicals are produced by plants to ward off viruses that come against them.

    Research shows that people who take good quantity of fresh juice rich in phytochemicals have the lowest risk of cancer.

    See what a juice diet with wheat barley grass can do for cancer cure.


    Now you see why juicing for health at home is necessary for you to take care of some ailments like high blood pressure, vision problems and cardiovascular disease.


    You will need a juicer to juice at home.

      Juicing is easy, all you need is a simple and efficient juicing machine. There are many good juicers available for reasonable prices.

    Find out about juicers if this will be your first time juicing for health.

    There are many types of juicers and they all have different features and capacities as listed in this chart. Pick the best juicer for your need and follow the simple instructions for juicing.

    Juicing will help you take care of disturbing ailments like weight lose, and cholesterol disease.

    We recommend juicing organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

    In conclusion, juicing for health is among the best home remedies for your diseases, if you combine them with the good diet and exercises.

    Start juicing and get the instant energy you need for day-to-day activities.

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