Severe Acne Treatment
With Drug-Free Remedies


What you really need for acne treatments

There is a severe acne treatment remedy for you.

Acne may be a constant problem nagging at you, and you may have tried all sorts of treatment methods to cure it.

Your problem could be blackheads, acne scars, pimples, or back acne.

Have you thought about nature’s medicine for severe acne treatment.? Nature has a way of proving natural cures for many ailments like yours.

Many people have used some of these natural home remedies and have gotten some expected results for their acne problems.

So, go through the natural resources below and see which one can be of help to you.


Attack acne with natural cures

Add a tablespoon of fresh lime juice to a cup of unheated fresh milk and let it stand for about 2 hours.

Wash your face at bedtime with water and gently dry it with absorbent towel.

Apply the milk to the face and leave it overnight to dry. Wash it off in the morning with water. Practice this once a week for a few weeks.

This will maintain the acidity of the skin at a healthy pH, which discourages bacterial growth.
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How to conquer pimple remedies

One way to shrink your pimples quickly is to mix 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, and smear the mixture on the pimples.

This is good for severe acne treatment.
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How to get rid of blackheads

Black heads are little black or yellow looking bumps in the pore of the skin. There are great natural home remedies to use for them.

Mix avocado with egg yoke or honey and apply it to the blackheads for about 1 hour a day. You will be surprised with the outcome. It is also good for pimples.
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Why should back acne bother you

You feel helpless sleeping, you make various attempts to prevent scratching your back, and all you want is for the acne to go and come no more.

Your solution lies here: Look out for acne remedies like onion and olive oil, arnica ointment, yellow dock, and other important natural remedies for back acne problems.
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Are you fed up with acne scars

Acne scars can be annoying and emotionally troubling. If you are the kind troubled by using more toxic chemicals for treatment, then consider these natural remedies for severe acne treatment.

Purchase a bottle of vitamin E gel capsules. Prick one open with a sterilized safety pin and squeeze the gel out onto your scars.

Spread them around with cotton tip. Do this when you have enough time to relax at home. This is an effective home remedy treatment.
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Don’t do without acne free diet

Our bodies will tell exactly what we eat. They can’t hide it. Food is a major foundation for treating many major ailments including all types of acne.

If we reconsider our diets, we will be taking great steps toward healing our acne problems.
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Self care products and cure of acne

Some self care products can be damaging to your skin, and retarding the progress of your severe acne treatment plan.

What kind of make-up do you use if you are a woman? What scrubs do you use for your body?

Meanwhile, some other products like listerine or visine may be able to reduce acne.
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This is solely for women

Questions about birth control for acne

There are many women who want to know whether the birth control pills they take can help reduce or stop acne, or if they contribute to more acne problems.
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Consider any of these remedies for your acne problems including severe acne treatment. You may consult your doctor before using these remedies especially if you are on any medication.

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