Stop Smoking Methods
With Natural Remedies


Stop smoking methods with Detoxification plan

Over 70 percent of all smokers will like to quit smoking.

The best known method that works for many people is the detoxification plan.

This plan can wean you off nicotine and its withdrawal symptoms.

The benefits of quitting smoking with proper stop smoking methods are rewarding.

Do you know that your blood pressure rate gets back to normal when you stop smoking in 24 hours?

Carbon monoxide is also completely eliminated from your body, and your lung will begin to clear mucus and smoking debris in 24 hours.

One year without smoking will eliminate entirely the smell, taste, and symptom of nicotine.

Your lung function improves, cough, wheezing, and breathing difficulties are reduced.

You will have more energy, a glowing skin with a heart risk reduced to half.

You have improving health opportunities as the years role by without smoking.

So get ready to go with the plan that will do away with cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, and dips.


Three stop smoking methods

There are three methods that can work best for you.

Stop smoking without aids

This method is to decide to stop smoking without any aids.

You may experience nicotine withdrawal for 2 days, and other related symptoms for about a week.

You will need a month’s diet plan to control the symptoms and a plan to control the cravings.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

Nicotine replacement plan may include the use of patches and gums which supply nicotine to the body without smoking.

This helps to prevent withdrawal symptoms while you attempt to quit smoking.

You will a need a plan to control the cravings with(NRI) method.

You will also need a diet plan to contain withdrawal symptoms if you come the (NRI) plan.

Slow cut down plan

This plan is good for people concerned about withdrawal symptoms.

The plan calls for reduction of the number of cigarettes you smoke by 1/5 a week.

You will need a 5 week anti smoking diet plan and craving control remedies to support the plan.


Stop smoking methods with diet

What are the diet home remedies to stop smoking?

Foods we eat can create acid or alkaline state within us.

The balance in the acid and alkaline will determine how diet can help stop smoking.

People with the highest acid balance in their foods tend to smoke the most.

The high acidity level increases the speed at which nicotine leaves the body.

This makes you crave for another cigarette faster.

On the other hand, an alkaline diet will slow down the rate at which nicotine leaves the body.

Alkaline diet will reduce cravings and smoking.


Alkaline foods which help to quit smoking

All vegetables: Especially carrots, endive, alfalfa, watercress, asparagus, potatoes (with skin), celery, and spinach.

All fruits(except cranberries and blueberries). The top fruits include apples, apricots, melon, mangoes, dates, papaya (pawpaw), raisins, pineapple, and kiwi fruit.

Other kind of foods include tofu, almond, soy milk, cheese, eggs, garlic, coconuts, quinoa grains, natural yogurt, herb tea, most herbs and spices.


Many other foods are acid forming, especially poultry, meat and wheat products, diary and rice products.

Aim at eating 70 percent alkaline food and 30 percent acid forming foods in your diet regularly.

How ever there is a strange exception for oats-based acidic foods. You can use oats as Stop smoking methods for cigarettes.

Oats help with nicotine withdrawal because it contains alkaloids which slow down withdrawals.

If you eat oats, just take 50 percent of it and add 50 percent of alkaline foods to it.

You can also take oats supplements or tincture.


Stop smoking diets

Here are a few stop smoking methods with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


  • Make porridge of oats flakes and soy milk. Serve it with raisins and 2 pieces of fruits.

  • Eat some poached eggs with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

  • Make a fruit smoothie from 1 banana, 2 handfuls of raspberries, and a glass of pure orange juice. Eat this with toasted rye bread and some watermelon.



  • Make a sandwich with rye bread and lean protein (tuna, ham, chicken, baked beans etc,), slices of avocado, alfalfa and tomatoes. Eat this with vegetable soup and fruits.

  • Make a salad of tomatoes, green beans, onion, lettuce, and add boiled eggs or tuna to it for lunch.

  • Eat some grilled beef burger or vegetarian burger with potato salad (with skin on), and coleslaw.


    stop smoking methods with Dinner

  • Eat some low-fat meat or vegetarian sausages with mashed potatoes (with skin on), and peas.

  • Prepare some grilled steak and eat with potatoes (with skin), alongside asparagus spears, watercress, and tomato salad.

  • Stir fry some chicken with soy sauce and vegetables like beans sprout, ginger, red peppers, baby corn, water chestnuts, etc,. Serve on brown rice.

  • You may also grate a fresh radish and mix with 2 tablespoons honey to drink as juice during meals time.


    Stop smoking methods and cravings

    Controlling nicotine cravings

    The diet method helps to reduce the nicotine cravings but some times the cravings can try to come back due to various reasons.

    Some people use smoking to solve emotional issues, stress, tiredness, and boredom.

    Let’s not also forget that smoking is incredibly addictive and may have some effects on your body. You may have the natural instinct to smoke.

    Stress related cravings

    If you feel you need some nicotine to calm you down (though it does the opposite), Inhale some oil of lavender to reduce the symptoms.

    Smoking to help you think

    Some people smoke to clear their heads, so that they can think properly (though it’s the opposite).

    Sniff some peppermint oil or drink peppermint tea to reduce symptoms and clear the mind.

    Low energy

    These stop smoking methods can prevent low energy.

    If you smoke to lift up your energy when your blood sugar is low, eat a little bit of food often.

    Include ginger tea, and ginseng supplements in your diet to lift up your blood sugar.


    There are other general craving controllers that can help such as

    Black pepper oil

    Add 3 drops to a tissue and inhale it to stop cravings.


    This herb acts just like nicotine in the body. Use the herb only under the supervision of the herbalist, because of its strength.


    Stop smoking methods for side effects

    Side effects do occur when you stop smoking but there some natural home remedies to tackle the problem.


    Nicotine stimulates the bowel. When you cut off nicotine your bowel system may take 2 weeks to regulate.

    The best remedy to induce constipation is to take 5g doses of psyllium husks daily with plenty of water.


    Smoking acts as anti depressant in about 50 percent of smokers. Take St. John’s wort to overcome the depressive effects.

    It may interfere with some medications so seek medical advice before using it.


    To control the effects of insomnia, take a capsule of valerian herb before going to bed.

    Increased appetite

    If you have problem with increased appetite, sniff some fennel essential oil. However, do not use if you are pregnant or epileptic.

    You can also sniff juniper essential oil to decrease appetite unless you are pregnant.

    You may also drink chamomile tea unless you are allergic to ragweed.

    Controlling cough

    Coughing may last 1-5 days when you quit smoking and your body is clearing out debris from smoking.

    Drink a lot of fluids and try drinking fenugreek tea unless you are or trying to get pregnant.

    What ever natural stop smoking methods you adopt,Your chances to stop smoking are excellent.

    The best way to quit cigarettes is through natural home remedies to stop smoking.

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