Varicose Vein Pain
And Varicose Veins Home Remedies


Natural cures for varicose vein pain and varicose veins

What are varicose veins

Varicose veins are permanently dilated, twisted veins. Although they can occur in any part of the body, they usually develop in the legs.

They appear as enlarged, snake-like, blue veins and can be easily noticeable when standing.

Are varicose veins dangerous

They do not cause much of a problem unless they are particularly severe. Varicose veins come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller spider veins to all sizes.

A severe form may cause varicose vein pain, risk of developing phlebitis (inflammation of the wall of the vein), eczema, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and leg ulcers.


A slight pain in the veins can be treated with natural remedies effectively. However, an operation may be required for more serious pains.

What causes varicose veins

Varicose veins are caused by incomplete blood circulation: Veins send blood back to the heart to re-circulate to the body. The blood climbs up against gravity with the help of one-way valves in the veins.

A weak valve will cause the blood to flow back down, resulting in a pool in the vein. This causes it to grow bigger and become varicose vein.

The risk of developing varicose veins increases with pregnancy, menstruation, prolonged period of standing, and family history of the condition.

Symptoms of varicose veins

The symptoms of varicose veins include heaviness and tiredness in the legs, creeping sensation across the skin, night-time cramps in the legs, swollen, sore and painful legs.

What helps varicose veins

Varicose veins can be treated with conventional methods such as compression hose for reducing fluid in the veins, surgery, sclerotherapy, and laser methods. These conventional remedies can be costly.

However, natural home remedies can assist significantly in reducing aches in the veins, decrease the varicose veins, and prevent new formations. They are reasonably cheaper and comfortable to use.


Natural home remedies for varicose veins

Quercetin: A vein-strengthening bioflavonoid

Bioflavonoid strengthens the walls of veins to prevent and heal varicosities. Quercetin, the most skilled bioflavonoid is fantastic for treating varicose veins and varicose vein pain.

Legs that are totally blue and painful with swollen varicosities heal completely with this nutrient. The severity of your problem will determine how much you take.

Bromelain for hard and lumpy veins

Bromelain which is found in pineapples is good for digesting varicose hardening proteins attracted to varicose veins.

A 500 milligram supplement 3 times in a day is recommended to prevent hardening of the veins. Do take the supplements between meals in order for the enzyme to dissolve fibrin instead of your dinner.

Butcher’s broom for varicose vain pain

Many varicose veins can be inflamed, turning into a condition known as phlebitis. This can cause varicose vain pain and hurts.

Butchers broom can help prevent inflammation and pain. See the container for the right dosage. Look for an extract of butcher’s broom standardized for 10 percent ruscogenin, the herb’s active ingredient.

Horse chestnut to tone your vein

If your vein is not toned it becomes an easy target for varicosity. A venotonic strengthens the elastic fibers in the vein wall and improves its tone. That is the ability of the vein to tighten or contract.

The horse chestnut herb is a great venetonic that does this. See the container for the recommended capsule dosage or the recommended drops of tincture. Look for a product standardized for 60 milligrams of escin, the venotonic in the herb.

Violet leaves for treatment

This remedy is good for varicose vein pain. Crush a handful of violet leaves and flowers and pour 1 cup of boiling water over the violets.

Steep until cool and use as poultice to relieve pain.Continue the treatment until you notice an improvement.

Tansy for varicose veins

Tansy is a recommended remedy for varicose veins. Make a tea with 1 teaspoon of tansy added to 1 cup of boiling water.

Let the tea soak for about 10 minutes and strain. Apply the tea externally to the varicose veins and bruises. It also helps with varicose vein pain.

Diet treatment

A high fiber diet can help varicose by decreasing constipation, and therefore causing less of the straining that can lead to varicose veins over time.

Build your diet around legumes, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. If possible eat pancakes made with buckwheat.

They naturally contain a flavonoid called rutin which increases the strength of blood vessels.


Other lifestyle remedies

Can varicose veins disappear with exercise

Exercise cannot do away with varicose veins or spider veins (less milder form of varicose veins). However they can protect you from developing new ones, ease varicose vein pain, itching, and burning.

Any exercise that works your legs is helpful, but the best for varicose veins is walking in water.

The exercise and pressure of the water on the outside of the legs is especially effective in pushing the blood out of the legs and into circulation.

A recommended walk or gentle jogging in a swimming pool for 30 minutes a day 5 or 6 days a week is very effective.

Hot and cold foot bath

A hot and cold foot bath before bed time will improve circulation to the legs, prevent varicosities, and help them heal faster.

Fill two large basins, one with very warm water and the other with ice-cold water. Place you feet in the cold water for 30 seconds, then in the warm water for 2 minutes.

Repeat the process 3 times, ending with a final 30 seconds in the cold water.

Wear support hoes: they help to provide relief. They resist the tendency of the blood to pool in small blood vessels closest to the skin.

They push the blood into the larger deeper veins where it can be more easily pumped back to the heart. Support hoes can be found in drugstores and major supermarkets.

Wear reasonable shoes: Varicose veins are discomforting to the legs, so stay away from high heels, and cowboy boots.

Watch your weight: Additional weight means more pressure on the legs especially during pregnancy.

Watch birth control pills: Some spider veins can occur due to hormonal imbalances from birth control pills. There may be a connection if your problem starts after the pills.

It is always appropriate to start treating spider veins early before they develop into varicose veins with problems such as varicose vein pain, and phlebitis (inflammation of the wall of the vein).

You will need to see a doctor if you have a severe varicose vein problem.

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