Natural Cure For White
Vaginal Discharge And Infections

A white vaginal discharge is considered a normal discharge if it is not enough to stain the clothes or make one feel


Under normal conditions, the vagina secretes a little amount of white or clear mucusto help keep the inside moist.

Women may experience normal vaginal discharge at different levels. Some women have it frequently and others sparingly.

If the white vaginal discharge is becoming thick and white like cottage cheese, you may be experiencing a severe yeast infection.

Abnormal vaginal discharge can cause vaginal odors, itching, burning sensation, soreness, swelling, yellow, gray, and green fluid out of the urethra, and more vaginal discomfort.

Some of these types of vaginal infections are spread through intercourse without protection, birth control pills, and antibiotic medicine.

HIV patients, diabetic patients and people with low immune system are also vulnerable to it.

Natural remedies for vaginal discharge

Yogurt and gooseberry powder for treatment

If you have a white vaginal discharge or a cottage cheese-like discharge with burning, apply the gooseberry root powder douche first, and eat a cupful of unsweetened yogurt daily for treatment.

This natural remedy is helpful with other vaginal problems.

The bacteria called lactobacillus found in yogurt, is extremely important for the health of the ecosystem of the vagina.

Triphala for vaginal discharge

This ayurvedic herb helps to remove toxins from the body and restore a normal flow of vaginal fluids.

Soak ½ teaspoon of dried herb in 1 cup of hot water for 5 minutes, then drink the tea before bed.

If the taste is a problem for you, take two 500 milligram tablets or capsules before bed.

Douching with triphapa, only one time in 30 days, can restrictwhite vaginal discharge and other abnormal discharges including yeast infection.

Add a tablespoon of triphala to 2 cups of water and boil it. Cool it to a usable temperature, and douche with it with a douche bag.

Let the triphala solution stay in contact with the vagina’s mucous membrane for a little longer to get the desired results.

Douching sometimes disturbs the normal balance of the vagina, so it would be appropriate to consult your female issue doctor before using the remedy.

Garlic to fight white vaginal discharge

Garlic is known to have several benefits. One of the important benefits is fighting vaginal bacteria. Garlic is antibacterial and antifungal, which is good for vaginal discharge.

Look for a garlic supplement that is high in allicin - one that contains about 5,000 micrograms of allium, which is the major infection fighting chemical in the herb.

A dosage of 1 capsule, once or twice a day for as long as needed, is recommended.

Indian remedies

Fig and banyan tree bark remedy

This vaginal douche is a remedy for all kinds of discharge. Boil ½ tablespoon each of pounded bark of fig and banyan tree in about quarter gallon or 1 liter of water for 5 minutes. Allow it to cool and use it as a vaginal douche.

Phyllanthus amarus leaves for vaginal discharge

Get a paste of Phyllanthus amarus leaves or fruit and take 2 tablespoons of the paste with buttermilk daily for treatment.

Or make a chutney with ripe Indian gooseberry which is very rich in vitamin-C, and take it with food every day.

Beside all these remedies, it is also important to eat healthy nutritious food, take care of personal hygiene, observe your birth control pills, and medicines.

These natural home remedies for white vaginal discharge and other abnormal vaginal issues can do a lot to relief the problems. However, if your situation seems to get serious, it will necessary to consult you doctor.

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